150mm (6150mm (6") RUSS Strip - Per Metre
150mm (6") Pressure Sensitive RUSS Strip - Per Metre

In common with most single ply material EPDM will, overtime, try and shrink by up to 10% back to the centre. The base tie in
controls the membrane movement and stops the membrane pulling away where the membrane turns up
through an angle change. The rest of the movement is accommodated by the ClassicBond membrane
and its ability to elongate by over 300%.
ClassicBond PS RUSS (Reinforced Universal Secure Strip) is used to mechanically secure EPDM
membranes to the substrate. The strip has tape pre-applied along one edge, and can be installed
horizontally or vertically in conjunction with Seam Fastening Plates below the EPDM membrane for
additional membrane securement.