1Mtr w/ PVC Grid1Mtr w/ PVC Grid
Storm Drain provides a complete and long term solution for the collection and dispersal of surface water and can withstand vehicles of up to 5 tonne in weight. The unique channel drainage system is available in 1m lengths and can be combined with a range of accessories that provide connections to sub surface drainage.

The Fernco Storm Drain is manufactured from an innovative and lightweight plastic moulding which provides strength and resistance to wear and tear. Produced from recycled plastic, the cross braced design prevents floating and movement when concreting. Once set, the rounded base assists water flow providing a self cleaning channel.

Storm Drain has been produced in accordance with the BS EN ISO9001 quality standard and manufactured to the BS EN 1433 standard in order to comply with regulations.

•Easy to assemble, handle and install
•Simple positive connection
•Innovative, lightweight and durable design
•Fully merchandised products with unique point of sale impact
•Cost effective to install
•Low maintenance required by the user

Storm Drain can be applied around any domestic area where surface water collects including:

•Patios and conservatories - Driveways
•Swimming pools - Pathways
•Sports courts - Retaining walls

Price: 5.32 (Excluding VAT at 20%)