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Sika SikaCeram 621 FlowFix Porcelain Paving Jointing Compound, Ivory, 20 kg

Price: £42.00

Product Description

SikaCeram®-621 FlowFix is a ready to use (just add water), flowable joint filling and grouting compound. It is fast to use and delivers exceptional bond strength - perfect for grouting large areas with joints 3-10 mm wide.

▪ For use with porcelain or ceramic paving
▪ Simple and fast application - ideal for large scale areas
▪ Suitable for joints 3-10 mm wide and at least 20 mm deep

▪ Fast setting with exceptional bond strength Simply squeegee into joints for fast and effective application
▪ Cures in 60 minutes to a non-permeable finish
▪ Suitable for vehicular traffic
▪ Can be applied to wet or dry surfaces
▪ Can be used internally or externally

Packaging - 20 kg bags
Appearance / Colour - Light Grey
Shelf Life - 6 months
Storage Conditions - Protect SikaCeram®-621 FlowFix from frost and store between 5 ˚C and 20 ˚C
Joint width - 3-10 mm wide Minimum 20 mm deep

Mixing Ratio - 20 kg powder to 3.2 litres clean water
Consumption - One 20 kg bag of SikaCeram®-621 FlowFix will cover up to 40 m2 depending on the size of the joint and tile Ambient Air Temperature +5 ˚C and 25 ˚C
Pot Life - 20 minutes


▪ Ensure tiles are sound, clean and dust free
▪ The joints must be clear of material We recommended the use of SikaCeram®-62 Bonding Primer to ensure good bond strength between the tile and mortar bed 
▪ The tiled area should be stable and secure
▪ There must be no standing water
▪ The joints must be between 3-10 mm wide with a depth of at least 20 mm

▪ Mix contents of the bag (20 kg) with 3.2 litres of clean water using a drill and spiral action mixer
▪ Always add powder to water Mix for approx. 3 minutes until a smooth, lump free flowable mortar results
▪ Do not overmix or create excessive air bubbles within the product
▪ Do not mix more product than can be used with 20 minutes

▪ Pour SikaCeram®-621 FlowFix Jointing Compound into the joints immediately after mixing
▪ Using a squeegee work SikaCeram®-621 FlowFix Jointing Compound across the tiled area ensuring all joints are filled
▪ Add more product to joints as required
▪ Leave for 20-30 minutes before cleaning

▪ Remove product residue from the tiled surface using a sponge float with clean fresh water
▪ Any tough areas should be scrubbed with a stiff brush then washed away once the mortar has begun to cure
▪ Do not brush over joints
▪  Once the mortar has sufficiently set, the tiled area can be polished using a dry soft cloth to remove any final mortar residues
▪ Ensure there is no residue of product left on the tiled surface

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